Tell Me About Yourself, Part 2


A few days ago, we discussed smart ways to answer tough interview questions that may come your way.  Read on for more questions and tips on how to present your best self and get the job you really want!

4. What is your greatest weakness?

I find this one to be one of the craftiest questions asked during interviews.   If you’re not careful, you can be trapped into saying something that could count against you.  If your answer is too honest, you can instantly get added to the do not hire list.  For example, if you say it’s difficult for you to make deadlines, or you tend to procrastinate and have issues with time management, or you get annoyed easily, you could be painting an unappealing picture of yourself.  However, if you lie or sound disingenuous, it could be painfully obvious.  The best way to handle this question is to be honest about your weakness (try to keep it at one) and make sure to explain what you have done to improve this weakness in the past.  Interviewers do not expect perfection but they do expect a well thought out answer.  If you discuss an area you are trying to improve and emphasize the steps you’re taking to do so, you are showing your interviewer that you don’t consider yourself perfect and you understand that there is always room to grow and learn. Continue reading